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“Is it push or pull” I panic to myself as the doors come closer

panic! at the doorway

well at least someone closed the goddamn door


NHL expansion — four teams added by 2017, Quebec City, Toronto, Seattle, and Las Vegas








logic at its finest

This is stupid though ‘cuz she’s headed for the door. He’s going further into the elevator. Even if the door isn’t open, there’s still a bit of a ledge near the door that you could stand on while bracing yourself against the railing. Once the door opens, you’d be in a good spot to exit via the door as well. What she’s going for is smarter than what he’s doing.

Also she clings to the rail, he throws his hands up. If he were to fall, he’d have nothing to hang on to, she’d at least be able to hold herself up by the rail

BOOM goes the dynamite

I think the real lesson is: just because you don’t understand how this woman thinks doesn’t mean she’s stupid



how do i get tyler seguin to like me





This is so accurate. At school, we literally have children who will watch our facial expressions to see if them falling is as bad as they think it might be.


  • do not react. at the most, maybe wince and go “ooooh”
  • go over to the child to assess panic level and severity of injury
  • if they’re like, dying, remain calm, but they’re probably not.
  • look them in the eye and ask, “you okay?” they will nod. possibly all teary-eyed. then ask, “are we gonna need to cut it off?”
  • the child is thrown off. if they giggle, you’re in the money. if they do not, put a bandaid on and do some sympathetic patting. they are probably a little teary. let the sad little bug sit out for a minute. they will quickly get bored.
  • works every time

"sad little bug" is the cutest and most accurate term ive heard used to describe a child because sometimes bugs are kinda super cute sometimes bugs are really fucking annoying and sometimes bugs are downright TERRIFYING

1,181,197 plays


here’s a song i wrote about being in love with your best friend (no homo)




Many of you are going on your merry way, winding down from the offseason, and getting excited for the regular season to start.
Little do you know, unless you have Rogers as your provider… you are completely and 100% fucked for watching any of the season. :)

You probably wont realize until the season starts, which is why this is a heads up.
I’m going to break it down for you.
In Canada, the NHL sold everything to Rogers for billions of dollars.

What does this mean? (So far, they have not told us anything about what people who don’t use rogers are supposed to do, but as of right now..)

  1. NHL GameCentre Live is unavailable. You cannot access GameCentre unless you have a data or internet plan with Rogers. NOTE: You can still purchase it (for a $200 starting fee) but  I highly advise that you do not. If you do, you will then be charged for data, just like a phone plan. Simple terms: You pay $200 for the subscription, followed by paying for every GB’s you use. (1 GB per game on cell phone, 2-4 GB when on tablet or other device.) When a GB of data with Rogers typically costs $10… You are literally paying a starting fee of $200 and then $10-$40 for every single game you watch. (It does not matter if you are on wifi if it is not Rogers wifi, you will still get charged for the data. It’s bullshit.)
  2. Hockey Night In Canada is also unavailable. From what I can understand, CBC no longer has the rights to broadcast games (except for Saturday nights.) So along with that, no HNIC. *only on Saturdays.* This now also belongs to Rogers. They will play Hockey Night on their channel, Sportsnet. So again, unless you have Rogers, say goodbye to HNIC and possibly Coaches Corner with Don Cherry (some may find it refreshing, but Hockey Night in Canada is a longtime tradition. It sucks) Rogers has the rights to the show and CBC no longer can control what happens to it, so expect some changes on the few shows you will see. Job losses may occur with the change. (Yes, some of your faves, even Don, could go)
  3. TSN lost the bidding war to broadcast gamesTSN is no longer the go-to channel for hockey games, as they only now have the rights to play “home games” (the 3 closest teams to your geographic location. So in my instance in Ontario- I get to watch the Leafs, Sens, and Jets. Woo-freaking who.) Sportsnet paid the NHL even more money to broadcast the out-of-market games. So without Rogers, you get Sportsnet Connected. This basically means all you get to watch on TV is whoever the closest team to you is playing on TSN, plus whatever American game has the biggest hype that night on Sportsnet Connected. (Pens/Flyers for rivalry or something.) 

What can you do? Nothing. As of right now some sources say that they are “working on it” for what non-Rogers users can do.. but who knows. They are making 5.2 billion dollars I doubt they care. If they decide they don’t… and you;

A. have a favourite team that isn’t within your local area or is american


B. don’t have Rogers

- You will be forced to buy a sports package on whatever provider you do use. (Cogeco has a package called “Centre Ice” but it is in no way comparable to GameCentre or what Rogers users get in the slightest. No playoffs, blackout areas, and only 37 games per week that you have no choice over which ones they are.)

- OR you can go ahead and try and find crappy streams online. :/

It’s very disappointing for those who were excited to get GameCentre. My advice is to wait, but be aware of what sports package you can get with your provider just in case they don’t come up with alternative options for non-Rogers users.

***This is all information I have gathered and looked up myself, and may not be 100% accurate. I could be totally wrong about some stuff but this is how I’m interpreting it. Take a look for yourself.





“some historians think that michelangelo was drawing god in a human brain. very few people knew what one looked like at the time; but michelangelo had dissected cadavers and would have known. it even has the hint of a brain stem. if true this would have been a great “fuck you” to the pope whom he was not friendly with but also would have meant god was in a human brain, or created by man.”


also michelangelo painted a baby angel flipping off the pope


the blond one, you see his right hand? that’s called the fig and it’s an old world european gesture for ‘fuck you” because apparently Pope Juluis II was a total raging asshole and everyone hated him

but nobody ever noticed this little fucker because the ceiling was so high

and then thirty years later they called michelangelo back to paint the wall behind the altar and he wasted no time in painting the gates of hell behind the pope’s chair

what a badass

It amuses me to this day how much Michelangelo hated his job


For all of you non-hockey blogs who followed me over the summer, I am so, so sorry for what my blog is going to turn into come October.


When someone insults me:


When someone insults the Canucks:


Canadiens name 4 assistant captains for 2014-2015 season →



I awoke to this article and gleefully thought, “this is a stupid decision that will ruin the season for them!” (Go Leafs!) Upon reading some articles, I can see why Montreal made this decision, but ultimately, 4 leaders is too many in a sport. Look at the other NHL teams with multiple captains: Columbus and Buffalo.

Ultimately, this choice demonstrates the franchise’s lack of confidence in any of these men’s leadership skills.

"Lack of confidence?" "Too many in a sport" 

I’m going to double this over and make this this week’s blogpost over at BBP tomorrow but this was too nice to let go.

Jfc Maple Leaf fan, do you know what you are talking about?

Bergevin had stated several times that the team has a “Leadership core” there is not just one player that leads a team.  It’s been a young and upcoming core for sometime now. You can see this in interviews, you can see this in 24ch you can see this if you watched 3/4 of the player’s exit interviews. No team is lead by one person you twat. Hawks are lead by more than one player, the Penguins have more than one leader.

And do you really think you need to have a “C” to be a leader? Do you really think this shows a lack of trust?  Your telling me that Marty St Louis, Henrik Lundqvist were not leaders for the Rangers in the playofs? They don’t wear letters, doesn’t mean AV has no fucking trust in thier players.

The Canadiens are rolling with 4 As because in that room there is a mixture of leaders. 

Markov is a veteran who has been strong with the team and is on his last work horse legs. He works with Subban very well and is a shining star of how to work on the ice. He has stated several times that he did not want the captaincy and he dislikes the Media. Bergevin, and Therrien have said several times that they have major faith in Markov to guide the young D men. 

Plekanec shows how to work on the ice. Heavy duty minutes and guides the younger players. Several times, even shown on 24ch, he has sat down with the younger players, like Bournival and talked to them.  He doesn’t like talking and is a silent leader but is a leader none the less. A veteran who has spent years with the league. If the management and the team doesn’t trust in his leadership skills, then why did Therrien let Plekanec coach some of the younger people like Bourni. If they had no faith in Plekanec, why would they give him strong minutes? Do you remember the 2010 season? If Management had no faith in him then, why would they now?

Pacioretty is young, immature and has he’s moments with the media. He is a leader on the ice and in the room but struggles with the media. He’s very young still and has only gone through his first playoffs. IT’d be like giving the C to a rookie. He’s close to being a leader, but not quite there yet. Management know this, and this is honouring what Pacioretty has done.

Subban is already a leader. Subban…do I really need to talk about him? But like Patches, Subban is very young still, he can handle media and is very mature, but again, he is young. There’s no point throwing your player in front of a bus. Subban is already going to have a massiv weight on his shoulder’s with his new contract. He’s already going to have to take much more work. He’ll still be Subbey. 

The point of alternating between Patches and Subbey is to let them learn.It’s not a lack of faith, it’s not a lack of trust. If they had a lack of trust in their leadership skills they would have gone for Markov on his own, to have another Gionta type Captain.

No This is the Canadiens passing the torch down slowly. The “transfer to the youth core”. It’s respect to Markov and Plekanec for their YEARS of work with the Canadiens. 

And you know what? I don’t think the Canadiens will make the play offs with 3 As. The leader will show. We have a good character room, with an entire leadership core. 

There’s no “I” in team and the fucking fact you think you can’t have many leaders on a team makes me fucking die of laughter.








did you know: the number of a’s in “montreal canadians” stands for the number of alternate captains on their team 

Sorry to burst your bubble but its canadiens


but that still doesnt make sense because only one of all four alt captains are canadian just admit you fucked up tbh 


halloween is close

I was leaning more to Bieksa

now the question becomes: Red or White? I prefer Red just for the fact that is doesn’t get dirty noticably